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Beacon Down’s Riesling wines are unique in England. To ripen Riesling in the UK’s cool climate to produce a still wine with acids in balance is a real challenge and a great success. The wines are left to mature and soften in bottle for a number of years in temperature controlled storage before being ready for sale.

The 2020 Riesling is another first, with only 300 bottles available. The grapes were left on the vines as long as possible, picking late in October 2020. It was fermented in oak, which allows some air to come into contact with the wine that took the maturation in an exciting different direction. They were fermented to dryness then dosaged and bottled in 2022.

Beacon Down Vineyard is situated on a fine south facing hillside in the East Sussex countryside near Heathfield with far reaching views to the sea

Beacon Down Vineyard Riesling 2020

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