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Christmas Wine Box

Our Christmas wine box has a fabulous selection of wines to keep you stocked over the festive period. You are getting 6 delicious wines at a greatly reduced price - why not its Christmas! The case includes: A classic Bordeaux red from Chateaux Haut Pougnan, 2016 - rich and fruity, balanced tannins - aged in oak. A sensational Muscadet - Domaine Menard Gaborit, 2016 - lime and lip smacking acidity - fermented on the lees. A languedoc red (Magneric) from corbieres, south west France - Domaine Sanite Croix - deep black fruits, figs and spice - one of our favourites! A delightful cremant sparkling from bourgogne (south of Champagne). Veuve Ambal (Comte de Bailly) make high quality sparkling wines but without the steep prices of its expensive neighbour. A floral yet dry white from Bordeaux, Entre deux mers - a well balanced sauvignon blanc from this legendary white wine region. And last but not least, a bottle of Terrasses du Larzac (recently highly recommended in Decanter wine magazine), from southern France, 2014. Small black fruits, subtle and soft, mocha, liquorice and a spicy finish.  

All for only £59.95 

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